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Ie no Yoshikuri
Satake Matsumi



Persona Bio
Satake Matsumi lives in 1575, the beginning of the Momoyama period. She is the first wife of Yoshikuri Nagayori Dono. Her favorite pursuits are calligraphy and kumihimo. She plans to branch off into the raising of silkworms and ancient dyeing methods next summer.
Me and the SCA
I joined the SCA somewhere around November 2000, at the insistance of my older sister Keren (aka Keterina). It has been a lot of fun so far and a huge learning experience. Something i'll definitely be doing until i'm old and rickety. My SCA carreer began in the March of St. Martin (Sarnia, ON). My first event was their Season of the Wolf a few months after my first meeting. I recieved my AOA at Meele 2002 in the pouring rain from Sarnac and Jolecia. In June of 2003 I moved to Bryniau Twynnog (Kitchener - Waterloo), where I am very active.
My Articles
Beginning Kumihimo ~ an introduction to kumihimo and making a basic round braid
Marudai ~ constructing a marudai, a round kumihimo loom
Intermediate Kumihimo ~ working with a marudai
Waraji ~ about Japanese straw sandals
Making Waraji ~ how to make waraji
Wearing Waraji ~ tying methods
Other Stuff
~ my personal website