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Ie no Yoshikuri
Yoshikuri Nagayori



Persona Bio
Yoshikuri Nagayori is from Northern Japan during the late 16th century. Living in Mutsu province, he is under the jurisdiction of Date Masamune, a Tokugawa loyalist. In his spare time, he enjoys all the leisure of a samurai; poetry, tea ceremony and calligraphy. He also enjoys cooking, story telling and of course, warfare.
My Articles
Creatures in Japanese Myth ~ description of common creatures in Japanese Myth
Elements of Japanese Myth ~ the three common types of Japanese story
Introduction to Japanese Poetry ~ a look at pre-seventeenth century Japanese Poetry
Early, Late, What's the Difference? ~ a comparison between early and late period Japan, within the context of the SCA
Tea Ceremony ~ a brief history, overview of the ceremony and introduction to the tea room
Making Koicha ~ the cerimonial making of thick tea
Drinking Kiocha ~ the cerimonial drinking of thick tea
more info soon!