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Ie no Yoshikuri
Goals of Ie no Yoshikuri



our mission statement

The primary purpose of Ie no Yoshikuri is to provide an avenue for the research and recreation of Sengoku Japan within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Household strives, at all times, to present to the rest of the Society the image of the house of a Bushi, complete with retainers of different ranks.

These ranks within the Household provide a system of rewards for members of the House who have worked to enrich the Society, primarily through the research and sharing of various Japanese arts and sciences, as well as the martial arts as they pertain to the Japanese, and also through general service within the society.

Clearly established ranks within the Household also facilitate a "buddy system" where members of the Household who are new to the society, or new to the Japanese persona, can pair up with someone who can orient them within the society and ground them in the basics of Japanese culture.

It is the hope of the founders that this system promote not only the research of Japanese arts and sciences, but also the sharing of this new-found knowledge, through the teaching of classes, publishing of articles, and this website.